Notice of the  9th AGM of the Selkirk Rex Cat Club to be held on Revised Date  Saturday 5th September at 1pm in Reception area at Perdiswell leisure centre




1.   Chairman’s welcome

2.   Present

3.   Apologies

4.   Minutes of the 8th AGM held on 23rd February 2014

5.   Matters Arising

6. Confirmation of Committee 2015

7.   Secretary’s Report

8.   Treasurers Report

9. Election of 2015 GCCF Delegate

10.     BAC matters and BAC delegates 2015

11.     Show 2016 info

13.     AOB

14.     Date of next Meeting


Apologies can be sent by email to Secretary.


Yours Sincerely


A Minshall

Anne Minshall

Club Secretary