Available Adults and Kiitens

Here you can find Selkirk Rex looking for new forever homes.
 The Club cannot  be held responsible for the health of  kittens or adults , it is up to the purchaser to ensure they are healthy.The information is published in good faith on behalf of its members and it does not constitute a recommendation nor give a guarantee of availability.

The club welcomes breeders who are scanning their cats but would advise potential kitten buyers that HCM free status cannot be declared. However, please be aware that even a scan is not conclusive proof of HCM but can only give an indication.
  If someone says their cats are scanned for HCM ( HCM free is an impossible declaration) ask to see the certificate of proof and of subsequent yearly scans and be aware it is only a snapshot on the day and  no guarantee of any future health.  As yet there is no known test or scan that can pinpoint how or where HCM  comes from. Once there is conclusive proof it will be included in our registration document.

The kitten list  is  a free service only for  our Club members with breeder listings , if  you are not yet a member please download the application form.If you are a fully paid up member of the club, have paid for a breeder listing and would like to add Adults or kittens  details to this site, then please send details to

Please follow the links below for Adults Available from Club Members or Rehomes and for Kittens currently available.

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