Minutes of the Eighth Annual General Meeting of the Selkirk Rex Cat Club.

Held on Sunday 23rd February 2014 at Landrover Experience Solihull at 1.30pm


Meeting commenced at: 1.30 pm

 1.   Chairman’s Welcome


Zoe Amarilli welcomed those present to our Eighth AGM

 2.   Present

 Zoë Amarilli, Pamela Beardsmith, Nichola Ryan, Anne Minshall, Mandy Royer, Charis White, Linda Davison, Sally Lee, Chris Hazel, Kaz Winn, Chris Winn, Hilary Dean, Mandy Mcconnell, Sarah Green, Roger Hendrickson, Sheena Nicholls,

 A quorum of 13 was met.

3.   Apologies for absence

 Apologies received from Carol Walker and Pat Creaton, Christine Weber, Oksana Markova, Gemma Nevin,  Anne Collins, Cora Mcarthy and Gareth Harker, Julie Harling, Marina Higab, Corinne Bromley

4.   Minutes of the seventh AGM held at the LandRover Experience Solihull Sunday 3rd March at 2pm

 The minutes were proposed by Chris Hazel seconded by Hilary Dean

 5.    Matters Arising

 Page on Christiana Aichner needs to go back on the new Club Website.

 6.   Secretary’s report

 Routine work.   Have new show licence to join with CRAOV on 18th/19th October 2014.

 7.    Treasurer’s Report

 Show made a profit in its fourth year of £171 so we will be staying with the CRAOV.   The club stall had only been out at the club show which impacted on our income as most income comes from the club stall going out.

 Stationary and postage were both down as now using email more. Travel costs were up but a cheque that should have been cashed in 2012 wasn’t cashed till very late so had to be included in 2013 costs.

We have new members due to a lot of kitten owners being introduced- We have nearly  50 members but need to keep 50 members  to ensure a GCCF delegate.

 Pam explained that all members not renewed by the AGM would be considered as lapsed members and a rejoining fee would apply.   This had been published in the newsletter.

 8.   Committee 2014

Anne Minshall restanding as secretary- no other candidates- re-elected

Proposer Zoe Amarilli, Seconder Pam Beard Smith

A closed ballot was held as 4 candidates for 3 places- Sheena Nicholls, Corinne Bromley, Sally Lee, and Chris Hazel. Each gave a brief resume and Corinne who was unable to attend through illness supplied a written resume which was read out by Mandy Royer.

Results of closed Ballot:

 Chris Hazel 14, Sally Lee 14, Corinne Bromley 12 and Sheena Nicholls 4.

The chairman was unable to vote and not all voters used all of their 3 votes.

The Committee for 2014 remains unchanged with a balance of cat owners and cat breeders.

 9.   GCCF Delegate Report- and election of GCCF Delegate

  Nicky was re-elected as GCFF delegate –Proposer Pam Beard Smith, seconder Kaz Winn

Reserve Delegate Pam Beard Smith - proposed Sally Lee, seconded Charis White

  Nicky gave a brief resume on EMS codes and their use.  A new translator will be on GCCF website.

There is to be a new rule about behaviour at shows to stamp out any verbal abuse and aggressive and unacceptable behaviour.   It is also thought that issues arising from social media will also be addressed.

10.    BAC Matters and BAC delegates

 Nicky gave a brief account of the BAC meeting.

We have 4 probationer Judges- DR Peter Collins, Rosemary Fisher, Steve Crow and Pamela Beard Smith.

- Stephen McConnell applied but couldn’t be appointed as at the time was not a full judge on the British list- It is assumed he will reapply at next BAC meeting.

We have 2 stewards-Ian Macro and Maggie Waugh

BAC delegates

 Anne Minshall- proposed Pam Beard Smith, seconded Charis White

Linda Davison, proposed Pam Beard Smith, seconded Charis White

 11.    Show Support and Show plans for 2014

 Show will be held jointly with CRAOV at Lichfield on either Saturday or Sunday 18th/19th  October 2014. At the moment we are having problems with the venue we used last year so Jill Coomer is looking at an alternative.  Jill Coomer will be Show Manager, Anne Minshall Assistant Show Manager.   The side classes will be reduced to give more competition as in many classes last year there was only one cat/kitten.

Sally and Chris will do the banners as in previous years, Zoe the badges and certificates. We are having no overall Best of the Best, just a special rosette for Best in Show.

 12.    Welfare

 Chris Hazel is the focal point of welfare and wants all 4 Rex Clubs including la perms to work together- Welfare is to cover any genuine welfare cases and is not there to rehome member’s adults.

 13.    Standard of Points

 The amended Standard of Points will be reapplied for change as it is noticed a lot of judges are using the wording in their reports that was originally put forward as a proposed change

 - It is to try and help judges understand better what they were looking for in a Selkirk Rex. That a Persian or British looking Selkirk Rex should be discouraged.  

 14.    AOB 


The Chairman asked several times whether there were any other concerns people had about the Selkirk Rex Breed or any other business.


There being no other concerns about the Selkirk Rex Breed or any other business the meeting was declared closed.

 15.      Date of Next Meeting

  Late February / March -