History of Early Showing in uk


 Arrival to UK Show History

The Selkirk was recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in 2003 thus launching their UK show career.
 For the first part of their acceptance they could only be shown as an Assessment breed,  T
o gain Championship status the assessment breeds including the Selkirk Rex must gain recognition through the merit status. The GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) required that no less than 15 individual cats gain 4 merits each (only 2 kitten merits count). Once 15 cats gained their 4 required merits  a formal application was made to the GCCF Council for putting the breed up to the Intermediate Stage.


The Proposal to raise the Selkirk Rex to the Intermediate Stage was accepted by the Governing Council  for the Cat Fancy in October 2006.Once this was accepted the Selkirk's were  then able to compete    against each other for Intermediate Certificates from June 2007 to be able to then to apply for the final stage of Championship status.  We will require 20 cats to win 3 IC's each under different judges.


By August 2008 we had 23 cats with the required 3 ICs making 23 Qualifying cats - Twelve months exactly after we had the 1st qualifying cat


The Application to Championship status  was  delivered to the GCCF and was approved by Executive in October 2008 so  the Selkirks started  competing at Championship level from June 2009Here you can see the cats that qualified at both levels to enable the Selkirk Rex Cat reach Champion level.

 Merit Status  Intermediate  First Titled Cats