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Please be aware that with any breed of cat there are un-reputable breeders who hope to part you with your hard earned cash in exchange for an inferior cat. We would always advise if you are looking into any breed that you refer to the breed standards and registration policies of that breed to ensure you fully understand what you should be asking the seller. In the case of the Selkirk Rex we would advise the following questions:

- will the kitten be registered with a cat registering body like the GCCF or TICA?  and come with papers including pedigree -(if not registered then they are not pedigrees)
- can I see the mother if not both parents?
- do the kittens come from PKD negative tested lines? All Selkirk Rex have to be PKD negative
- have the kittens been reared in the home?
- will the kitten come with its full kitten injections and vet checked? 

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no' then walk away and find a breeder that complies with all these requirements.

Kittens Available

This page will be updated with the Selkirk Rex Kittens that are currently available for homing  from members of the Selkirk Rex Cat Club.
All kittens should come with:
Vaccination certificate
Registration Form
Diet Sheet
Wormed & Deflea'd
Kitten Pack

NB: All kittens should be PKD negative if GCCF registered, as it is part of the GCCF Registration policy.  This is written by the Selkirk Rex Cat Club  to ensure all Selkirk Rex are as safe  as possible from known health problems in cat breeds, where there are known conclusive tests that can be taken.

  If someone says their cats are scanned for HCM ( HCM free can never be declared) ask to see the certificate of proof and proof of subsequent yearly scans and be aware it is only a snapshot on the day and  no guarantee of any future health.

The information is published in good faith on behalf of its members and it does not constitute a recommendation nor give a guarantee of availability or quality of the kitten or that it is to the type standard for a Selkirk Rex.